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by appointment

Slow down, take a seat, lean back and stay awhile. We promise we´ll spark all your neurons through your taste buds!

We´re shooting for the moon here, we want you to have the ultimate relaxing, memorable experience. Not only are we here to serve and make you feel special (well, you are!), as we also want to be sure that you have enjoyed so much that you´ll want to be back, accompanied!

Enjoy our fresh, mouth-watering dishes. As we strive for excellence and consistency, everything is carefully hand-picked from our farm, straight to your table. Our concept revolves around a plant-based vegetarian cuisine, giving you the chance to try a plethora of flavours your never knew existed!


No menu is available - we just need to know any food restrictions that you might have and we´ll provide a grandmothers style dinner.

Dinner orders must be taken by a member of our team at the latest 11 AM. 

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