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The Levada do Moinho is located 5 km away from Villa Alto, within 10 minutes you will reach the beginning of this trail. Stand out the well-cultivated farmland, providing a pleasant sight to walkers. Among them stand out the fantastic panoramic views of the valley and the beautiful village of Ponta do Sol.

Enjoy the walk and all that it has to offer. Delight yourself with the sights, the endemic flora and fauna, and waterfalls.

magical Laurisilva forest

The Fanal forest is located at the mountain plateau Paul da Serra in the northwest part of Madeira. If you are driving from Villa Alto Boutique Hotel the trip is 22 km long and takes around half-hour.


Get lost in the fog and among the trees, All the trees at Fanal are crooked, wind-blown, and have their very own personality.

When the first explorers came to Madeira, the island was covered by the Laurisilva forest. Now only 16% of the forest is left. Laurisilva is a type of native forest that once covered much of southern Europe. Now there are only a few areas left and the largest is here in Madeira. The forest is a UNESCO world heritage site.


best viewpoints

Villa Alto - selection of the best viewpoints

Madeira offers places with breathtaking views all over the island, and we have selected a few out of the beaten places near our home.

Miradouro Raposeira

Miradouro Garganta Funda

Miradouro Boa Morte

Farol da Ponta do Pargo

Miradouro da Bica da Cana

Miradouro do Guindaste


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